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Wondering Why is my AC not Blowing Cold Air? Numerous problems with the air conditioning machine might result in hot air being blasted. Numerous factors contribute to the problem, including refrigerant leakage caused by improper installation, unclean condenser coils, and a clogged filter. This article will assist you in gaining a better understanding of the probable reasons and how to resolve them.


Causes include: why is my ac not blowing cold air? 

A clogged air filter:

A clogged air filter might be the reason your air conditioner is producing hot air. A blocked air filter restricts airflow to your vents, preventing your air conditioner from maintaining a sufficient cooling level. As a consequence, the inside coils are put under greater strain and have a more difficult time cooling your house. To help avoid this problem, check your filters to ensure they are not filthy or blocked.

Low Refrigerant Concentrations:

Is your air conditioner spewing hot air? Perhaps you should contact a professional since low refrigerant levels might be the culprit. Low refrigerant levels occur when the system leaks and the liquid refrigerant escapes, or when the system lacks sufficient liquid refrigerant. This results in a rise in temperature and a decrease in the air conditioner’s capacity to cool your house.

Humidity is also a factor since it makes it more difficult for heat to escape from your house.

Incorrect Thermostat Setting:

Many individuals forget to check their thermostat settings before the hot, humid summer months arrive. However, this apparently little chore may have a significant influence on your home’s energy expenses and comfort levels.

You may have accidentally adjusted your thermostat to the incorrect setting, but you were probably unaware. This problem is referred to as “thermal drift,” and it occurs as a consequence of an incorrectly calibrated or malfunctioning thermostat. Thermal drift may cause your air conditioner to emit hot air instead of cooling your home when the thermostat is set too high.


A power supply generates the voltage required to power a device. Occasionally, a power supply may provide an excessive amount of or an insufficient amount of voltage to a device, causing it to malfunction. In certain instances, the power supply may be defective and need replacement. In other circumstances, the issue maybe with one of the devices connected to the power source (for example, an AC unit), rather than with the power supply itself.

Blockage of the expansion valve:

It seems as if you may have a blocked expansion valve in your central air conditioning system! This might result in your air conditioner blowing heated air throughout the cooling season. The expansion valve assists in regulating the quantity of refrigerant flowing through the system, and if it fails to operate correctly, a pressure drop may result.

Basic troubleshooting:

To begin Basic troubleshooting, we’d like to warn you that it’s preferable to contact a professional AC repair agency to prevent damage to your AC due to stress or inexperience. However, if you’re feeling adventurous and want some pointers on how to repair the issue on your own, keep the following in mind: Before attempting to diagnose or repair the item, ensure that it has been switched off for at least four hours.

If you have an older system equipped with a capacitor, which is most prevalent in one-ton systems, you may choose to replace it.

Additionally, you must switch off the breaker for the outdoor condenser. This will aid in cooling the air conditioner more rapidly and prolong its life. Replace any filthy or clogged filters, inspect the hoses for obstructions or kinks, and use a soft brush to clean the fins.


In conclusion, this article highlights some methods for resolving frequent AC problems. You can maintain your air conditioner functioning smoothly by checking the filters and refrigerant levels, as well as cleaning the coils. After reading this article, it’s critical to understand the fundamental methods for maintaining your air conditioner to ensure that it lasts longer and performs better. If you continue to have concerns about your furnace or air conditioning device not operating correctly, call a professional for more assistance.

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