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The question of Why do Catholics Pray to Mary or whether Catholics should pray to Mary is a matter of great debate. Every Catholic is familiar with the name Mary. One of the most common prayers in Catholicism is the “Hail Mary” where Catholics pray to the Virgin Mary for help and protection. However, few people know about who she really is or why they pray to her. For that reason, this article will be discussing who she is, if she was important to Jesus’ life, her role as a mother, and conclude with why Catholics pray to her.

Who is Mary?

The first question that many ask is: who is Mary and why do Catholics pray to mary? To answer these questions, we must look at the Bible and the Catholic tradition. The Bible tells us that Mary was a humble woman who conceived Jesus as a virgin by the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:35). She remained a virgin all of her life (Luke 2:36); her marriage to Joseph was only for legal purposes (Matthew 1:18-25).

Additionally, Catholics have been praying to Mary for centuries. She is one of the most recognized figures of the Catholic faith, and her statue can be found in homes, churches, and other religious places of worship around the world. In Catholic tradition, it is believed that Mary was a virgin woman who conceived without any physical contact with a man. It is also believed that when she was pregnant, she chose not to drink alcohol or eat meat because she wanted nothing bad to happen to her baby.

Why do Catholics pray to Mary?

Mary has been an important figure in the Catholic faith for centuries, the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ and the Queen of Heaven and Earth, is a figure revered by Catholics and other Christians alike. As such, it’s not uncommon for Catholics to pray to Mary as a means of drawing closer to God or seeking guidance. One can also ask her to bring peace to their lives, as she is often seen as an intermediary between humans and God. Catholics pray to Mary because they hope that she will intercede on their behalf with her Son and that she will help them in their distress and sorrows.

What Catholics believe about praying to Mary

Praying to Mary, sometimes called “Mariolatry” is a form of idolatry, which is strongly discouraged by the Catholic Church. Catholics are encouraged to pray to Jesus Christ as their only mediator with God. However, some Catholics, notably some Eastern Orthodox forms of Catholicism, believe that Mary is a mediator between humanity and Jesus Christ. There have been many reports of people being healed after being prayed for by someone on the other side of the world.

The origins of the prayer

Many Christians have a tradition of praying to Mary. The practice of praying to Mary was not always common but arose over the past few centuries as a result of the Catholic Church’s growth in power. In the 16th century, Pope Leo X declared that Catholics should offer prayers to her as well as Jesus. In spite of this declaration by the pope, many Protestants still believe that Mary shouldn’t be prayed to because she has no power to answer those prayers.


In conclusion, there are many reasons as to why Catholics pray to Mary. These include praying for Mary’s intercession, as well as seeking Mary’s protection and help. Communion with the Virgin is a way of connecting with her spiritually. A call to action: Many people choose to pray for Mary because she is known for her kindness, mercy, and compassion.

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