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What is neptunic? what does it mean?

The term neptunic refers to a nonbinary individual who identifies as a person of either gender. People who are attracted to a neptunic person are typically women. This is because they have a primarily feminine attraction, while those attracted to a neptunist are typically masculine non-binary individuals. But the term is not limited to a particular orientation.

While some people are attracted to women, the term is often used to describe someone who is attracted to women. It is often confusing to identify as a neptunist because neptunic is a broad category, which includes Venusian, uranic, nomasexual, and saturnic. Fortunately, the term has been popularized on Tumblr, and you can learn more about this fascinating form of sexuality.

Neptunic is a term used for LGBTQ+ individuals who are attracted to women. While the term is not always specific to gender, most neptunics use neutral pronouns. Others use their own, which is more common. Remember to never assume a person’s gender based on their expression or pronouns. It’s always best to ask about the person’s pronouns before making a judgment.

People who are attracted to men may be described as MSM, a term for men who have sex with women. These men may not necessarily be gay. While monoamorous refers to those who only have one relationship at a time, a Neptunic has two relationships with both male and female individuals. This category can be classified as a nonbinary person of any gender. It is not uncommon for someone who is attracted to both genders to be a Neptunic.



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