How to Do Bantu Knots – Best Step by Step Guide


How to Do Bantu Knots – A Step by Step Guide


Wondering how to do Bantu knots, Bantu knots are made by separating the hair and turning it around into small knots. Watch the video given below and follow these straightforward tips to attempt the style at home. Contingent upon your hair type, regardless of whether you have short or long hair, and how huge your segment your strands, you’ll have the option to accomplish various looks.

prep the hair:

Wash your hair with a purifying conditioner to eliminate any item develop on the scalp and hair and to condition and detangle your strands.

Separate the hair:

Making a Bantu knots haircut requires the hair to be separated everywhere, so it is ideal to dispose of any knot now and prep your hair for the subsequent stage.

While making Bantu knots, it’s critical to keep your braids hydrated, so liberally fog your hairs.

Tip: Know that you can make your Bantu knots hairdo with wet or dry hair, however by and large sodden hair is more sensible and simpler to work with.

Things to remember prior to beginning:

You may often ask ‘how to part hair for Bantu knots’ however there is no single answer. What it comes down to is the means by which large your need your knots to be, so ponder your completed look before you start.

Assuming you need marginally more modest Bantu knots, then, at that point, you’ll have to make more areas; fewer knots and you’ll select greater segments. Recollect the more knots you have, the more tight the completed Bantu twists will be, and the greater the knots, the looser the waves once unwound.

Curve hairs:

Presently we should make Bantu knots! Start at the front and start to make equivalent areas, picking either the crate or triangle-molded segments on the off chance that you’re feeling more sure.

Use hairband:

You can decide to protect each segment with a hairband or go straight into contorting your hair.

When you start bending starting from the root towards the tips, the hair will start to twist into itself. At the point when the hair is contorted into a ‘tie’, secure with a hairband or fold the closures under your hair to hold the shape.


Repeat the interaction everywhere, keeping each part equivalent. well done, you have a staggering Bantu knots haircut!

Last touch:

Presently you know how to do a Bantu Knots, you can mess with the completion. Add hair sleeves to your turns, or splash them a great tone, and you’ll in a split second update your look and make it your own.



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