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Do you know how many holes does a woman have? Turns out, not as many as you may think. The average woman has 12 holes including two ears, two nostrils, two eyes, one mouth, one vaginal opening, and one anus. This article will discuss the various holes that are located on a female body.

How Many Holes Does a Women Have:

Have you ever wondered how many holes are inside a woman’s vagina? Well, the answer is that there are three holes of different sizes. The hole closest to the opening of the vagina is called the urethra. This is where urine comes out. Just next to it is the vaginal opening, which is also used for sexual intercourse and giving birth. Behind that, there’s another hole called the anus.

Vagina: the hole that is between a woman’s legs

The vagina is a complex and delicate organ that is difficult to understand. It is not just an opening; it has many different functions. Some of these functions include the ability to self-clean, deliver a baby, and produce lubrication for sex. As such, it deserves careful attention and respect.

Anus: the hole that is between a woman’s butt cheeks

The human body produces and uptakes a certain amount of waste, which must be disposed of when it reaches a certain level. The way in which the body does this is when the waste reaches the rectum when it signals for defecation or bowel movement. This waste then travels to the colon, where water and electrolytes are absorbed. After that, it travels through the small intestine and out of the body through the anus.


The urinary tract is a system of organs and pipes that starts with the kidneys. The kidneys filter the blood, remove the excess water from it, and then produce urine. The bladder stores urine from the kidney until it is ready to be excreted from the body. Pee leaves the body through a tube called the urethra. Bladder muscles contract and relax to allow the removal of urine from the bladder while preventing overfilling of this organ.

Other holes include Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth

Other Holes and their purposes

Many women have a variety of holes in their bodies that serve a very specific purpose. One popular hole is the vagina which serves to bring pleasure and reproduction. Another often overlooked hole is the nose, which takes in oxygen, filters it, and releases it back into the atmosphere. The anus also has many functions including waste elimination, sexual stimulation, and birth control. Other common openings are ears for hearing, eyes for seeing, mouth for eating or speaking, and nipples for breastfeeding.


We all know that men and women are different like night and day. But how much of the difference is in fact due to anatomy? Most women do not know about this, but women actually have more holes than men. Women have two labia, which many people refer to as lips, and also have a clitoris or clitoral hood. The most important of these three for our discussion is the clitoris because it is the center of sexual pleasure for women.


Labia is a Latin word meaning “lips,”. Labia are the thin folds of skin that hide the vagina and extend between the buttocks. Labia can vary in size, color, and shape, but the average labia on a healthy woman is between 5-10 centimeters long. The labia minora are arranged between the labia major. The labia act as protection for the vaginal opening and provide lubrication during sexual intercourse. The inner lips of our vagina are more sensitive than the outer ones.


The clitoris is a small, sensitive part of the female anatomy that shares the same purpose as the penis. It has only one job, which is to provide pleasure to ladies during sex or masturbation. The clitoris can be located on the outer vulva and it is typically about 3 inches long.

Clitoral Hood:

The clitoral hood is a protective fold of skin that covers the clitoris. It can be located on either side of the clitoris, or on both sides. The purpose of this flap of skin is to protect the clitoris from friction, irritation, injury, and infection.


The hymen is a thin piece of skin that can vary in thickness. This skin covers part of the vaginal opening and provides some protection to the vagina. Although the hymen is often thought of as an indication of virginity, it’s not always accurate. The first-time sexual intercourse might not cause it to break or tear, so some women might bleed their first time while others may not bleed at all.

Vaginal intercourse: Surgery

Sexual intercourse is the act of sexual activity during which a man’s erect penis is inserted into a woman’s vagina. However, not all women are capable of receiving this penetration due to the size of their vaginas. This leaves some women feeling more self-conscious about their bodies or more quickly frustrated with sex. Some women have had surgery in order to enlarge their vaginal opening and make it easier for men to penetrate them. The most common procedure used today is called labiaplasty (also known as “puffy lips” or “lady lumps”). It involves cutting away excess skin from around the “outer edges” of the vulva.

**Vaginoplasty:** A surgical operation that enlarges the “internal portion” of the vagina by removing tissue from other parts of the body. Vaginoplasty can be performed on both males and females.


In conclusion, it’s important to go into this article with an open mind. The answer is not as black and white as one might initially think. For example, there are three holes in the external female genitalia–two of them normally hidden by the labial folds, or “lips.” It can be easy for women to confuse these two easily confused holes with the anus. Additionally, females have another opening-the Urethra.

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